A Big Fan.

It was(to the best of my recollection) about two and a half feet square and maybe(I’m guessing) seven to ten inches deep.  Metal unknown, a seventy’s chocolate brown with(possibly) white protective grids on both front and back.  It was a sign of summer, though I barely knew it at the time.  Three speeds(high, medium and low), each of which made my oohhwwaaahhhheeeee sound delightfully funny, and about three to four feet of cord to plug into the wall.  On hot summer nights, all through the night, it would run(usually on the low setting unless it was really hot) humming in the darkness.

It’s current successor is a much, much smaller all black with only a high and low speed mostly plastic and much more safe and energy efficient(I’m guessing) model that I’ve yet to see how it modulates the voice.  Yet in the hot darkness of a summer night, when I hear it thrumming along, I’m four and haven’t a care in the world.  And the sheets seem just a bit cooler.


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