…it’s a terrible feeling.

There are times you want time travel to be real.  A moment you want back because, no matter what the reason, you screwed up and catastrophy followed.  Even more frustraing is, when these glitches mess with the smoothness of things, that the hiccup that tossed the wrench in the gears was due to a well intentioned but incompletely thought out word or deed. 

One of these moments is more than enough.  I know I’ve had my share(possibly less or more than), and every time the f.up gremlin bites me I wish not only to go back and fix/change/not do it, but to never ever screw up ever again.  It’s an absurd wish.  I know neither can be fulfilled(can’t ever go back, garuanteed to err again), but when you hurt and/or disappoint someone…


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