Spoiler Alert!

J.K. Rowling is, at this very moment, rolling around in a pile of cash.

I would be too.  And though I envy her success, I’m glad that the series exists.  I geek out over other things, but I enjoy a good story and so far the series has proved to be such.  People of differing opinions and priorities will knock the die-hards and question their fashion sense and purpose in life, but I will not because everyone has something they go ga-ga for.

The one thing about the Harry Potter phenomenon that I’m most happy about is that it motivated so many people to read.  I cannot think about any book or sreies of books released in my lifetime that has reached out and brought the joy of reading to so many different groups and ages of people.  Simply amazing.  I just like to think I might create something that someone else might want to see/read/whatever, I can’t wrap my head around the ability to touch that many.

 …and to roll around in so much cash.


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