…30 Pieces of Silver

Some of our greatest struggles are the result of an act of, or a sense of betrayal.  But I wonder which is the worst: Betraying another, or the self?

The (seemingly)obvious scenario is a combination of the two, and yet I think that this path might be less severe as, at least to my mind, when observing the effect on the one left out to dry, the offeneder may at least regret and open the possibility of correcting the problem(or minimizing the damage).

I am of the opinion that the greatest betrayal occurrs to the self, and over time.  It’s difficult to see, subtly disguised over the days/months/years, but it is there.  Hidden in compromises/negotiations/for the experience situations.  Then eventually, looking around, you neither recognize where or who you are.  It may even be too difficult to remember where you wanted to be in the first place, and no matter how you chalk it up once you recognize it,  you’re faced with a new and more terrifying situation:

Continue to betray what you are, or betray what you’ve become.  Disheartening to continue on, traumatic to take a stand and make a change either back to what you were or in a new direction.

From an outside perspective, an exciting story exists in these situations but then, at times you begin to question where you got your…


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