On The Road

A fun experiment:

When driving, just for a while turn off the radio/CD/whatever, roll down the window, and listen.  It’s better if you’re on surface streets for this, the freeway has a bit too much wind rush, but listen.

Can you hear it?  The frustration, the anger, the hate and the rage?  Listen.  Hear the revving of the engine, grinding gears, screeching tires, hard braking, impatient creeping at the light.  Gotta go, get out of the way, every stinking light, what going on, Arraggh!  Our cars are screaming, our more important than you personalities extended through the machine.

 Just listen.  You’ll be sad a bit, and fearful to share the streets with those angry human-auto hybrids.  But maybe, just maybe, you’ll cease to be one of them…at least for a while.


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