(fabric)Softening of the Mind

Sense memory moments sneak up on you, unless you’re an actor who uses the technique.  For me, it’s usually a smell that takes me back and, one that’s been hitting me of late is fabric softener sheets.  To be honest, I truly cannot tell the brands or fragrances apart, but when I get a whiff of one, Sherman sets the Wayback Machine for my childhood.

As a small one, I would go to my friends houses to play.  Given the geographic local and demographics of me and my friends, the play areas for us was either outside or in the basement and in the basement somewhere was the “laundry room.” So now, when the aroma wafts over me, I am transported back to my youth, in a cave playing games/slaying dragons/exploring space…and I can faintly hear the roll of the die/the clicking of the D-pad and buttons, and the smell of soda pop.

 And it makes me smile.


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