Double Down

I missed yesterday, hence I feel the need to double post today.

 There’s a new show on the Sci-Fi channel called Mind Control with Darren Brown.  If you can find it, watch.  Mr. Brown(out of respect I address him, so hoping that he will not ever reduce me to a puddle of mental goo), makes no claims to the supernatural upfront.  He has simply(?) studied human behavior, psychology, confidence and other techniques that allow him to not only anticipate, but manipulate behavior.

The show is of course edited for the benefit of the viewing public(even Mr. Brown admits that his experiments are never 100% successful), but the results are creepy good fun.  Tonight though, he accomplished one of the ultimate geek fantasies: The Jedi Mind Trick.

 Actually that is basically what he does, but in his experiment at the dog track(which he’s admitted to profiting from before) he looked like he needed a hooded cloak and a lightsaber.

Taking a clearly loosing ticket and it’s owner to the pay window(multiple times and for increased stakes) they hand the “winning” ticket to the cashier.  The cashier and verification machine say no but then Mr. Brown steps up and says(I kid you not), “This is the dog you are looking for.”  He is then promptly paid and apologized to.

The world is so lucky that I do not have that ability(for now), though I would only use it for good(or a good joke).


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