Some time ago, I purchased a book entitled: “The World’s Shortest Stories,” edited by Steve Moss.  In short(bad pun, I know), it is a collection of the best submissions to a story contest wherein the guiding rule is 55 words or less.  Sound easy?  You try cramming your grand opus onto a business card and still have it mean something.  Moving on…

One night after finishing the book(and a couple glasses of the wine), I attempted to create my own under 55(I came in at 38, but that’s neither good or bad).  It is what it is(aren’t all things), but I thought I put it out there/here.  I have no title, but thoughts are always welcome.

The look.  The dance.  The exchange.  The call.  The courtship.  The love.  The ceremony.  The life.  The children.  The joy.  The sorrow.  The years.  The moment.  The prognosis.  The machines.  The decision.  The love.  The plug.

The end…


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