There’s a few commercials for a beer company that I find very interesting.  The premise is basically that regular(read: followers/sheep) drink other beer so, to be unique, drink this beer instead.  Conform through non-conformity.  Needless to say I’m not impressed by these ads, but it does get the mind a-thinkin’.

From my generation(at least as categorized by the general populace), I am a bit of an anomaly as I have not been modified through either tattoos or piercings.  Not that I’m against them, they have the ability to be powerful expressions and beautiful works of art.  I’ve just rarely had the urge to get one and whenever I’ve thought about getting one, I’m quick to remember that I’m not a fan of needles in flesh(mine especial), and that I’m not the kind of person who could pull off that kind of a statement.  There was a time though, when it seemed as the majority of my peers(not precisely friends, just cohabitors of the age range) were getting themselves altered in these ways.  In some way/shape/form, it was the rebellion of choice that has(seemingly for a great part of the populace) become the norm.  The exotic become commonplace, the new and shocking now the tried and true and tired now slowly being displaced by newer and/or more elaborate transformations.

Oh and yeah, these and other augmentations/mutilations have  also been around in one form or another since pretty much forever and a day(watch Taboo on the National Geographic Channel).

For now, I’ll focus a bit on what tats and piercings meant in my “world” and times:

Tattoos – Though not uncommon, a tattoo resembled different things to me.  As a child I related on men to be either military or scary(Hell’s Angels) and now, eventhough exceptions abound, I find them laughably conformist(tribal armband I’m talking to you).  On women, I was conditioned to perceive that as a sign of a ease(so to speak) and again regardless of the amount of exceptions, there are some tattoos that only increased this perception exponentially(small of the back tat, can you hear me?).

Piercing – Women went from one in each ear to multiples(and I’m a fan) to other areas of the face(not so enamored) and then other areas…but the navel ring draws my focus due to the fact that it’s now, along with the ears commonplace.  On men, other than pirates, It went from NO, to which ear means you’re gay, to whatever/reaching for youth.

These rambling thoughts brought to you by Sidetrack: The Game.

Back to what I think is the point of the musing:  “Rebelling”

There is of course a brilliant film that deals with this better than a simple post could ever cover and yet, as I reflect on the core concept of conforming to the “different/unique”, I’m brought back to the writings of the author/mystic/teacher known as Osho.  He seems to have a valid point as to why rebellions fail after they succeed, but that will remain for another time.  If I’m going to quote/reference that I need to be accurate and this has gone on too long for now…


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