Into the Wells

I’ve been pondering the possible future of humankind, not for any deeper purpose really, just for fun.  I recalled a program(probably on the Discovery channel) that stated that both primitive forms of man coexisted around the same time and while(forgiving my lack of archaeological terms knowledge) Neanderthals failed as a race, (let’s say)Homo Erectous went on to give us, well…us.  The “missing link” of legend to me then represents more than the common ancestor that proves…whatever, but the fork in the road that provided the two possibilities.

Now, what if were near the point of another split(cue scary music)?

Take a journey on the crazy logic train:

Remember H.G. Wells “The Time Machine,” the book or the 1960’s film(I didn’t like the one in 2002)?  The hero travels hundreds of thousands of years into the future and humanity has been split off into the simple and childlike Eloi and the scary Morlocks whose favorite dish is, the Eloi.  While each represented a different social order and lifestyle, they both lacked any sort of acceptable intellegence level(at least to the traveler).

Wells might not of been that far off, and it may be sooner then we think.  Stay with me and I’ll explain.

There’s a high pressure to look a certain way and for a certain amount of time(hyper-attractive, for your entire lifetime), at the same time there’s a more sedated mass group working hard and spending free time in the caves of technology and spending time and income on the (supposed)lives of the other group as well as their own sedated existance.

Now project this out over lets say 500 years, barring any major catastrophy while letting our techno-addictions run rampant and throwing in an evolutionary bump which is overdue, and where might we be?  Perhaps two races of humanoid?  One a hyper-attractive(to them)/augmented yet simple folk and the other a bloated, jacked into the matrix, hover-racsal riding agoraphobes.  And perhaps, barring robotics evolution, a third race left behind to be subjugated as the brute labor to maintain the “worlds” that the more “important/advanced” beings need to survive only until the day when that link to the past can be replaced and disposed of, or assimilated into one species or the other, and of course, forgotten.

It’s a bit unnerving to think that we may be the missing link of the future and yet, in a darkly humorus way, fun to imagine what may spawn from our efforts to advance or evolve.


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