I’ve been searching for an adjective to describe myself or to be more precice, an aspect of my life.  Allow me to explain:

My primary means of transportation is my bicycle, and I enjoy it very much.  It gets me connected to the journey, keeps me active and to be honest, I just like to ride.  The difficulty for me is that there is no term which captures this lifestyle.  I’m not a cyclist or cycling enthusiast(which I equate with the spandex clad road warriors), nor am I involved in BMX, trail or other extreem forms of bicycling(and I’m not against or ridiculing these activities, I just don’t engage in them).  I commute.

When I tell people I ride, I watch as a wave of confusion washes over them as they run through the recreational options and the eventually get to, “You bike from place to place?  Oh…” and the the look of pity as if I’m some reject unable to secure an automobile.  Yet that is not the case, I just love to ride.

How then, to describe my utilitarian use of this mode of transport?

So far the best I’ve come up with has been to repurpose the term “Commie.”  It does seem so suit me as I’ve decided to link it to not only to the commute from a to b, but the communion with the route and the road and(to get grand) the world.  Your linked to the world more on the bike(and be careful there too, as many assume that you ride a motorcycle and are confused when they ask if it’s a Harley and you tell them you ride a Kona/Schwinn/whatever).

For now I can think of nothing better to describe this aspect of myself, and I do like taking a word linked to negativity and, at least for me, making it positive.


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