So astronomers have found a huge chunk of space with nothing in it.  No stars, galaxies, black holes, dark matter…just nothing.  A void with absolutely nothing exerting any force on anything.  Now, if they can just prove that it’s the center of the universe, followers of zen will have a perfect metaphor for their teachings.

I do find it fun to imagine what it would be like to be present in the emptiness(thereby no longer making it a void, I know) to look out and simply watch everything as it goes about it’s business.  Not like a god, but as a witness to the dance of the universe.  Watching everything, yet being nothing.


I’m such a sci-fi geek, my mind swirling with possibilities of how this can be worked into stories…

Perhaps it could be a futuristic prison: with no gravity and possibly no light reaching the region, it could be a labyrinth from which the can be no escape.  Like that created by Daedalus for the Minotaur…


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