Vague it up more?

I know what tomorrow is.  I’ve no desire to linger on the subject.  The government however, will.  In fact, they already have and will continue to for some time.

 I try not to get political here, but when the government makes a statement like, “We are safer, but we are not safe,” the pressure to call them out on their steaming pile of a sentence is too much.

So please, define “safer” for me.  By what standards is this measurement taking place?

“we are not safe.”  No kidding, we never have nor will we ever be safe.  Why not just tell people to double check under your bed at night.

Tell us cold hard FACTS.  Give us concrete DATA to review.  Please stop needlessly misinforming and continually attempting to keep us fearful for our lives because of your incompetence.


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