Word(s) for the day.

I’m having trouble thinking up a brilliant post for today, so I’m going to crack open my copy of “The Bibliophile’s Dictionary” and flip to a ramdom page and word to see if inspiration strikes.  Here we go…

Calliope (kuh LIE uh PEE) –n. the muse of eloquence and epic poetry; one of nine muses and the mother of Orpheus by Apollo.

Hmmm…oddly fitting that on a day when she’s truly not available to be with me, I stumble on her name.  Let’s try one more…

malkin (also mawkin) (MAHL kin, also MAH kin) n. a chambermaid; a woman of the lower classes, 2. an untidy female; a servant or country wench; a slattern; a slut; a drab; a lewd woman, 3. a mop created by tying a bundle or rags to the end of a stick, used by the kitchen servant to clean the ovens, 4. a scarecrow, 5. a designation for certain animals, such as a cat or hare.

Wow, could there be another word with so many varied meanings?  Seriously this word(should anyone know any one of the meanings) could so easily be misinterpereted as another, the possibilities for confusion are plenty.  In truth, if you find anyone who actually does know any of those definitions you should give them a dollar for being smarter than the average bear(or malkin for that matter).


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