…what about…

Hare Krishnas, what happened to them?  Remember when they were a threat to society, and a constant presence at the airport?  Does the parody of them in movies like “Airplane” and “The Kentucky Fried Movie” now have to be explained(the answer is yes)?  I remember the hate and fear that people of a more traditional religious background had for them.  Now of course, it seems absurd but then they seemed to be played up like a cult of the most dangerous kind.

Yes it was a simple time when strange religions and popular media(backwards or otherwise) was branded as evil, leading us all down to hell.

Ah, nostalgia…and the Moonies, what happened to them?

There’s no reason behind these wandering wonderings, but it has been some time since these dangers to the soul have had a big presence here and it got me to thinking…


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