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Grease Paint and Plastic Capes

Posted in Hope on October 31, 2007 by Mas Younon

Halloween: My favorite of the holidays, and for many reasons.  The best reason, for me, is the fact that it is one of the few moments in the year when we are actually encouraged to use one of our best traits:  Imagination.

It is so rare now that we are encouraged to be creative for our enjoyment, generally the “professionals” tell us what to enjoy and how, but this is the time when we’re allowed our own creative freedom(though I’m sad to say that we do it less and less).  We’re allowed to actively participate in our stories as opposed to the passive status that is the norm throughout the year.  Our once a year day, just before we all begin to snowball towards what many refer to as the major holidays.  We(I) need more of these things in our lives.  I’ve many Halloween adventures/stories in my mental library and I cherish them all(both real and imagined), because it was amazing to be encouraged to be creative for the fun of it and allow a bit of magic into existence.


Speaking of doom…

Posted in Fear, Hope, Suffering on October 30, 2007 by Mas Younon


You are the leader of the world, and your top advisers have informed you that in thirty days…the world will be destroyed.  Total destruction by some celestial body on a direct collision course with Earth.  Nothing that we possess can stop it ant there is no way that humanity will survive: Doomsday.

Do you keep the information secret, and let the masses go on with the mundane existence they know and the get blinked out in blissful ignorance?  Or, do you give to the people the truth, and let them truly live(knowing the possibility exists that there will be moderate to severe chaos in the bargain), and if you DO tell them, how many days of “freedom” will you allow?  And then once you’ve made that choice…what do you do?

It is a beautifully grim scenario, laced with possibilities of mankind’s best and worst actions.  I’m still pondering…what I might do.

Clipboards of doom.

Posted in Anger on October 30, 2007 by Mas Younon

Look, I get it, okay?  You’re a highly motivated individual just wanting to look out for the little guy, like yourself, whose property value might drop if a new zoning law is passed.  You’re a great person, involved in the system and fighting for change.  Hell, I’m even willing to give you mad props for driving your SUV to the Earth Day rally because you’re such a conscientious and good person.  And I know you’re concerned about the children because you’re fighting the evil people who want stop them from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and by God you’ll cut their teacher’s salaries to make sure that they’re forced to repeat an oath that they don’t even understand.  Yes, you are a great person doing good works burdened with home ownership and the need to control others.

Here’s the problem:

When I go to pick up some items in the store(bread, milk, some TP, maybe a sixer of pumpkin ale, whatever), I do not need you pouncing on me and attempting to force your noble battle to keep the rich rich and the rest enslaved to your enlightened value system that benefits those worthy enough to be like you.  It distracts me from my less important tasks, like budgeting down to the penny and pondering how all people might live in peace and harmony.

I’m truly sorry, that I do not wish to add my name to the rest of those brave individuals with the courage, in this time of war and destruction, to stand up for higher standards of living for the few and lower goals in education for the masses.  I simply just want to get some sandwich fixuns.  But please, feel free to cast a look of self-righteous disdain my way when I tell you that I don’t vote(maybe I do, perhaps I do not), because you are definitely serving a higher purpose than I ever could.

…Yoda was wrong.

Posted in Hope on October 25, 2007 by Mas Younon

With most of the world going ape(see any paper or watch the news), I am more and more beginning to form the opinion that the Dark Side is stronger.  Quicker?  Yes.  Easier?  Yep.  More seductive?  You betcha.  Stronger?  It seems to be leaning that way…Even the films themselves prove that badder is better.  Allow me to break it down:

Phantom Menace:

It takes two(Jedi, that is), a Master and his Padawan to take out one Sith apprentice.  Before poor Maul meets his(all too easy and predictable) end, he manages to off the master Jedi and forces Obi-Wan to use a touch o’ the anger in order to put him down.

Attack Of The Clones:

Three’s a charm?  Not really.  Dooku easily whoops up on Kenobi and takes a piece of Skywalker before Yoda even gets there.  Granted Yoda almost does get the win, but the Sith are not above putting others in danger to escape.  Not to mention all the Jedi killed in the arena.

Revenge Of The Sith:

It takes two again(more experienced) this time Obi-Wan gets slapped around and Anakin taps into the anger well to get Dooku down on his knees.  Palpatine takes out three himself before almost tasting saber, still oozing enough charm to con Skywalker over to his point of view.  Vader and Co. lay waste to the temple and all of Yoda’s fancy footwork do nothing to help him beat the Emperor.  Not to mention that for the past three films(however many years contained therein), the guy’s been right there in front of the Jedi.  “But wait!! Obi-Wan defeats Vader and leaves him to die!”  True, but he cannot finish the job himself and leaves before he’s sure, so Vader lives and in many respects grows even stronger.  And then, they run away and HIDE.

A New Hope:

Obi Wan makes a sacrifice, Luke gets help(and luck) and gets an “Empire, Kick Me” sign taped to his back.


Still looking for the W.

Return Of The Jedi:

Finally, good triumphs, right?  Not without a little help from the famed Skywalker anger, and it takes two(again) Skywalkers to take out Palpy.

 So yes, dear readers, the Dark Side IS stronger and that is a good thing.  Why?  Well, I’ve been told that in any good story, the heroes must triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds.  We just have to find the way to do it in the here and now, without falling ourselves.  And that is our story, unfolding as we speak(I write, you read).  Just remember that victory is possible even given the knowledge that…


Posted in Fear on October 16, 2007 by Mas Younon

A couple of weeks back, I had a nightmare where I awoke to a world that was alien to me.  For some reason, when I looked out the window, I was surrounded by a giant Mt. Rushmore and a spinning psychedelic sky.  This morning, as I was riding the bike, I chanced a look at the sky, and the clouds and the sky seemed…alien, as if I’d never seen it before.  It was both amazing and terrifying in the same instant.  I felt so alone, as if I did not belong on this strange planet with the pale blue sky and high clouds, and smog that makes a yellow sun red.

Later, at lunch, I was sitting outside and spotted a tree in late bloom dancing in the breeze against the clear light blue sky, and I felt right back at home.

Taste the season

Posted in Uncategorized on October 14, 2007 by Mas Younon

This is the time, as the leaves turn, that a great product is released.  It is an indulgence, but it is fantastic.  From October until Thanksgiving, there is Pumpkin Ale.  Oh, dear me, it is two great tastes that taste great together.  Like washing down pumpkin pie with beer, it is, amazing.  The smell, the taste…I can almost see the leaves as they change and eventually fall.  An adult indulgence, which reminds me of grease paint and the smell of plastic capes.  It is glorious, at least, to me.

…movie moments

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2007 by Mas Younon

I was watching “Pan’s Labyrinth” again(great film by the way, if you have the means I highly recommend it), there’s a certain scene that, gruesome as it is, is fantastic in my memory because of the first time I was witness to it.  I was in the theater watching, and then it happened…everyone in that dark room cringed and gasped, “Ohhh…” at the same time.  I cannot get enough of those moments when collectively an entire group of basically total strangers are so taken up in the story that they react as if they were right there.  It’s why I still see movies in the theater(though not as often as I would like), in the hope that there will be that moment.  There are some moments unfortunately, that I’ll never be able to get(older films, films I waited to see), but there is one in particular that I’m curious about: “The Tingler.”

“The Tingler” is a Vincent Price classic from 1959, and as fate would have it, it’s on tonight.  But the first time I saw it was during a Vincent Price marathon that ran the day Mr. Price passed away.  It’s a monster movie wherein a doctor’s theory about a creature that lives in every one of us called, “the tingler,” feeds off our fear and is kept in check by our scream as the terror grips us.  He tests the theory but scaring a mute woman to death(literally, since she can’t scream her tingler kills her), and then removes it for study when…oops!  The creature escapes and hilarity ensues.  At the height of suspense that tingler enters a movie house and kills the projectionist causing the film to go out and the screen goes blank as Price’s character is on the intercom telling both the fake and real audiences to scream for their lives.  On TV, in the daytime, I did not feel the terror but I wonder if the audience was into it then.

Imagine…you’re at a theater watching a scary movie and the creature which(hopefully) is frightening you enters a theater very much like the one you’re in and then…blackness…and at the height of the tension an order to scream for you life.

 I like to think that it worked.  In my mind it would have been one of those brilliant…