…movie moments

I was watching “Pan’s Labyrinth” again(great film by the way, if you have the means I highly recommend it), there’s a certain scene that, gruesome as it is, is fantastic in my memory because of the first time I was witness to it.  I was in the theater watching, and then it happened…everyone in that dark room cringed and gasped, “Ohhh…” at the same time.  I cannot get enough of those moments when collectively an entire group of basically total strangers are so taken up in the story that they react as if they were right there.  It’s why I still see movies in the theater(though not as often as I would like), in the hope that there will be that moment.  There are some moments unfortunately, that I’ll never be able to get(older films, films I waited to see), but there is one in particular that I’m curious about: “The Tingler.”

“The Tingler” is a Vincent Price classic from 1959, and as fate would have it, it’s on tonight.  But the first time I saw it was during a Vincent Price marathon that ran the day Mr. Price passed away.  It’s a monster movie wherein a doctor’s theory about a creature that lives in every one of us called, “the tingler,” feeds off our fear and is kept in check by our scream as the terror grips us.  He tests the theory but scaring a mute woman to death(literally, since she can’t scream her tingler kills her), and then removes it for study when…oops!  The creature escapes and hilarity ensues.  At the height of suspense that tingler enters a movie house and kills the projectionist causing the film to go out and the screen goes blank as Price’s character is on the intercom telling both the fake and real audiences to scream for their lives.  On TV, in the daytime, I did not feel the terror but I wonder if the audience was into it then.

Imagine…you’re at a theater watching a scary movie and the creature which(hopefully) is frightening you enters a theater very much like the one you’re in and then…blackness…and at the height of the tension an order to scream for you life.

 I like to think that it worked.  In my mind it would have been one of those brilliant…


One Response to “…movie moments”

  1. moviesmusic Says:

    I just watched the Tingler! It was so good! That would have been so cool to have seen it in theaters, with the “Tingler” under ur seat!! 🙂

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