…Yoda was wrong.

With most of the world going ape(see any paper or watch the news), I am more and more beginning to form the opinion that the Dark Side is stronger.  Quicker?  Yes.  Easier?  Yep.  More seductive?  You betcha.  Stronger?  It seems to be leaning that way…Even the films themselves prove that badder is better.  Allow me to break it down:

Phantom Menace:

It takes two(Jedi, that is), a Master and his Padawan to take out one Sith apprentice.  Before poor Maul meets his(all too easy and predictable) end, he manages to off the master Jedi and forces Obi-Wan to use a touch o’ the anger in order to put him down.

Attack Of The Clones:

Three’s a charm?  Not really.  Dooku easily whoops up on Kenobi and takes a piece of Skywalker before Yoda even gets there.  Granted Yoda almost does get the win, but the Sith are not above putting others in danger to escape.  Not to mention all the Jedi killed in the arena.

Revenge Of The Sith:

It takes two again(more experienced) this time Obi-Wan gets slapped around and Anakin taps into the anger well to get Dooku down on his knees.  Palpatine takes out three himself before almost tasting saber, still oozing enough charm to con Skywalker over to his point of view.  Vader and Co. lay waste to the temple and all of Yoda’s fancy footwork do nothing to help him beat the Emperor.  Not to mention that for the past three films(however many years contained therein), the guy’s been right there in front of the Jedi.  “But wait!! Obi-Wan defeats Vader and leaves him to die!”  True, but he cannot finish the job himself and leaves before he’s sure, so Vader lives and in many respects grows even stronger.  And then, they run away and HIDE.

A New Hope:

Obi Wan makes a sacrifice, Luke gets help(and luck) and gets an “Empire, Kick Me” sign taped to his back.


Still looking for the W.

Return Of The Jedi:

Finally, good triumphs, right?  Not without a little help from the famed Skywalker anger, and it takes two(again) Skywalkers to take out Palpy.

 So yes, dear readers, the Dark Side IS stronger and that is a good thing.  Why?  Well, I’ve been told that in any good story, the heroes must triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds.  We just have to find the way to do it in the here and now, without falling ourselves.  And that is our story, unfolding as we speak(I write, you read).  Just remember that victory is possible even given the knowledge that…


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  1. Dear God.

    I had SEX with you?


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