Clipboards of doom.

Look, I get it, okay?  You’re a highly motivated individual just wanting to look out for the little guy, like yourself, whose property value might drop if a new zoning law is passed.  You’re a great person, involved in the system and fighting for change.  Hell, I’m even willing to give you mad props for driving your SUV to the Earth Day rally because you’re such a conscientious and good person.  And I know you’re concerned about the children because you’re fighting the evil people who want stop them from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and by God you’ll cut their teacher’s salaries to make sure that they’re forced to repeat an oath that they don’t even understand.  Yes, you are a great person doing good works burdened with home ownership and the need to control others.

Here’s the problem:

When I go to pick up some items in the store(bread, milk, some TP, maybe a sixer of pumpkin ale, whatever), I do not need you pouncing on me and attempting to force your noble battle to keep the rich rich and the rest enslaved to your enlightened value system that benefits those worthy enough to be like you.  It distracts me from my less important tasks, like budgeting down to the penny and pondering how all people might live in peace and harmony.

I’m truly sorry, that I do not wish to add my name to the rest of those brave individuals with the courage, in this time of war and destruction, to stand up for higher standards of living for the few and lower goals in education for the masses.  I simply just want to get some sandwich fixuns.  But please, feel free to cast a look of self-righteous disdain my way when I tell you that I don’t vote(maybe I do, perhaps I do not), because you are definitely serving a higher purpose than I ever could.


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