Speaking of doom…


You are the leader of the world, and your top advisers have informed you that in thirty days…the world will be destroyed.  Total destruction by some celestial body on a direct collision course with Earth.  Nothing that we possess can stop it ant there is no way that humanity will survive: Doomsday.

Do you keep the information secret, and let the masses go on with the mundane existence they know and the get blinked out in blissful ignorance?  Or, do you give to the people the truth, and let them truly live(knowing the possibility exists that there will be moderate to severe chaos in the bargain), and if you DO tell them, how many days of “freedom” will you allow?  And then once you’ve made that choice…what do you do?

It is a beautifully grim scenario, laced with possibilities of mankind’s best and worst actions.  I’m still pondering…what I might do.


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