Grease Paint and Plastic Capes

Halloween: My favorite of the holidays, and for many reasons.  The best reason, for me, is the fact that it is one of the few moments in the year when we are actually encouraged to use one of our best traits:  Imagination.

It is so rare now that we are encouraged to be creative for our enjoyment, generally the “professionals” tell us what to enjoy and how, but this is the time when we’re allowed our own creative freedom(though I’m sad to say that we do it less and less).  We’re allowed to actively participate in our stories as opposed to the passive status that is the norm throughout the year.  Our once a year day, just before we all begin to snowball towards what many refer to as the major holidays.  We(I) need more of these things in our lives.  I’ve many Halloween adventures/stories in my mental library and I cherish them all(both real and imagined), because it was amazing to be encouraged to be creative for the fun of it and allow a bit of magic into existence.


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