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The Lost Time(Lost in Time)

Posted in Suffering on November 12, 2007 by Mas Younon

In my lifetime, I was never without the phenomenon known as “Black Friday.”  For me the “Christmas Season” began the day after Thanksgiving, and I’ve accepted that (ugh)tradition.  There was however, a simpler time, when there existed a beautiful window between Halloween and Thanksgiving when there was peace.  It was a glorious two to three week period of time when there was time to enjoy the fall.  A point in the year where one could look around and enjoy life before the roller coaster of the year was taken over by the jolly fat man and began its final downward spiral of crazy.

That time no longer exists.  In truth it’s been gone for awhile, and to be honest, ever since the first of the month I’ve already been crammed to the bursting point by the retailers.

I’m not in the mood to rant against the season, or how nobody knows the true meaning , or the greedson(new word combination of greedy and reason) behind the season, or whatever.  I am just simply in the mood to mourn the loss of a magical time when the pressures of family, friends, economy, society and all the other “important” things took a couple of weeks off before demanding attention.

I miss those lazy days.