The Short List

It’s that time of the year.  Everyone’s making them.  Best of/Worst of/Most/Least/Resolutions.   They’re too numerous to…well…list.  So, in an effort to better myself join in the fun whilst still maintaining my need to complain through the end of 2007, I’ve compiled my list.

Words that could more than adequately describe me(not that I’m sure that’s entirely a good thing) in no particular order:

  1. misanthrope(MIH sen thrope) –n. an individual who hates society and people in general.
  2. querulous(KWER yuh lus, also KWER uh lus) –adj. often complaining, critical; inclined to find fault.
  3. diffidence(DIH fuh duhnts, also DIH fuh DENTS) –n. a hesitance in acting or asserting oneself due to a lack of self-confidence; shyness.

Gratitude to “The Bibliophile’s Dictionary” for new ways to state some of my faults personality quirks.


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