The end is near.

I was half listening to the radio today, nothing important just a little something for the background while working, when a most interesting commercial for an Internet “dating” service took me by surprise.  The *ahem* service is for people who are happy in their committed relationship but still need, “a little something more.”

I’m still trying to figure out why this of all things is stuck in my mind.  It’s not a morality issue.  Well not in the sense most people define morality.  The promiscuity aspect doesn’t faze me.  People like their sex.  Cold, hard, fact.  It’s just that if you’re truly happy in your relationship I don’t believe you need something else.  If you do, and you haven’t had an open and honest conversation with your partner, you shouldn’t claim to be happy with your relationship.  There are obviously some issues to be addressed.

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re attempting to use sugar coated honesty to promote the site.  It is fairly easy to know what the site is for, and it’s not like the could just come out and say so in so many words(we’ve not come that far yet).  I’m also sure that it will not incerase cheating in relationships.  If that’s going to happen there’s not much you can to to stop it, so at best it is only a new meeting place for like minded individuals.

I’m guessing that the reason I keep thinking about it is because it’s caused me to look once again at the idea of a “commitment.”  My own opinion has morphed over the years from not only my own experiences, but also from philosophical studies, discussions with friends, and from having a good old fashioned think from time to time and it has reaffirmed my theory that committed relationships are not for the majority of the populace, and there seems to be a greed factor for those that want their piece and and then some.  Those who want the benefits of a stable partnership and the constant excitement of the single life as well.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Perhaps this might even be a needed step in the evolution of relationships, to get to the point when marriage and commitment are no longer needed.  Who knows?  Maybe I just need a hobby…or a date.


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