It was a day like any other…

The sun was…hidden by clouds that threatened rain, work was…well…work, but I truly thought that I would make it through the day with my dignity in tact.

I was wrong.

Someone apparently decided to acknowledge that this day should have significance to me and proceeded to post THIS. 

So there I was, ready to let the day go quietly into that good(vodka filled night) when I get blatantly called out by what appears to be a writer’s strike version of a Dean Martin Roast(I am SO old).

Well, allow me to retort…

First to the commentators of the post(at least at the time of this writing):

  1. The Hair(terra and Diane): I thought Wall Street was a great film but come on, at least give me a Bud Fox reference over Gordon Geckko.  Besides, think about all the people who’ll be called out for the faux hawk in a few years.
  2. Politics(Diane): Funny that you should mention that…I was voted most likely to become a politician in my senior year.  I do have the qualifications(as I have and M.S. in B.S.) and could make the candidates cry for mommy, but I loathe the system so, I will not be running for anything in the near future.
  3. Anything else(Huckdoll/anyone who ripps the suspenders): So what if Alex P. Keaton influenced my senior picture fashion statement?  Do you have any idea how cool I am now?  Not very, but still, I take pride in the fact that the fashion statements that got me shoved into lockers as a teen are now the “geek Chic” of today(actually, I’m kinda pissed off about that but…).  BTW, I’m bringing back sports jackets with elbow patches…deal with it.

Oh yeah, and to Mr. Lady,

  • Elvis, Stephen Hawking, and “Labyrinth”‘s David Bowie…January 8.
  • No wonder that my pet name for you was sponsored by the letter “B.”
  • BTW, thanks for posting pics of me when I looked good on the inter-web.  That’s great for the self esteem, on my birthday, when I’m biting on the business end of the .45…
  • Just perhaps, one of the reasons I don’t regularly post on your blog is because you’re generally beyond my(writing ability) experience, as I have no children nor a significant other…(but I do have stories about you and will answer any questions I can if your readers ask).
  • And I know when your(birthday) is…tee…hee.
  • as much as I hate what you did, I still heart/hate you.  Be well.

5 Responses to “It was a day like any other…”

  1. Uh oh.

    I was going to call you when the baby went to bed, but me thinks thou hast put me in the proverbial dog house.

  2. Mas Younon Says:

    Not the doghouse, that’s too good!
    At least you gave me somthing to post about, until I read what you did to me, I was pondering what season was my favorite and why.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!

  4. Hey Funny Ol’, happy late birthday!
    I’ve been spared the humiliating photos on Mr. Lady’s blogs so far. We never have broken up, but also, she knows the retribution from my side could be so dangerous… Actually, probably not as dangerous as yours, huh?

    Hope you don’t drown in your rain out there!!!


  5. […] his birthday, I tried to write him a sweet post, but it ended up more salty in his mind. He tried to get me back today, and oh my did he ever fail miserably. He’s just too damn […]

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