I’m Not Above Stealing Ideas

My friend, who so royaly blog-slapped me this week, had a post that got me to thinking.  It has to do with cover songs and you can find it here.

Now let me be crystal clear about something before I begin:

When it comes to music, Mr. Lady is an authority.  Not at all to be questioned.  Every time(it does you no good, believe me, you will lose every time).  If you want to know if something is good, ask her.  I can carry a tune fair enough, but compared to her…well lets just say that she’d be riding in a stretch limo drinking champagne whilst I would most likely be in the short bus wearing a helmet and spilling my juice box.  That said, it should be noted that I have made a few finds in my day(even a blind squirrel will find a nut or two, and yes I will take credit for introducing her to Hem) so I was inspired to steal the idea to post some of my favorite covers of songs(what did she do? 13+?  Well, I don’t think I’ll do that many).

Here we go in no specific order(sorry that I’m too lazy to link these, but that’s what Google is for):

  • Bein’ Green:  If you don’t think that Jim Henson has effected the world more than Bill Gates, well just stop reading right now.  Anyway…this song is so simple and good and right and Kermit is all you need for it to work.  However, burned into my skull is the episode of Sesame Street when Ray Charles performed it.  Even as a child I knew that it was goodness.  If it’s out there, I need to find it.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do:  Neil(ba doobah doobie down doobie do down down) Sedaka’s song reworked(well) for Renee Olstead and Peter Cincotti on her debut CD.  I know jazz standard remakes are not usually good, but take a listen and tell me that you don’t think of a bullet time fight between Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • Jolene: Dolly’s song(and she does back-up) on Mindy Smith’s “One Moment More.”
  • Dream On:  Areosmith’s classic hauntingly reworked by Kelly Sweet.  I heared this at Crack and Noble’s and bought the CD right then.  I’m a sucker for a great voice and the price of admission was so worth it.  And track 7(even if you have no idea what the translation is), is…oh dear me.
  • May it Be:  Is it too early to to geek it up? Enya’s original for LOTR:TFOTR was amazing, but if there’s a voice I love, I’ll pimp it and Hayley Westenra has the pipes I adore.  It’s on “Odyssey,” which also has an interesting cover of “Both Sides Now,” not the best, but worth a listen(track 3 has a duet with Andrea Bocelli, also worth it).
  • Common People:  The Shat brings it BACK!  Admitting ignorance I do NOT know who originally recorded this, but William(yes) Shatner and Ben Folds made me listen when they released “Has Been.”
  • Never Been to Spain:  Forget what you’ve read/think you know, because Mr. Lady does have a love for Elvis.  At least as far as this cover of the Three Dog Night song is concerned.  You can (hopefully)find it on the Madison Square Garden Concert CD(drugged up sequined jumpsuit and all).
  • Who Wants to Live Forever/Save Me:  Orchestral Queen?  Stay with me.  Tolga Kashif’s “The Queen Symphony” is effing AMAZING.  The third movement(Adagio) though, is wrenching to the soul.  This is the soundtrack track to say goodbye to.
  • Leaving, on a Jet Plane:  Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of PP&M.  But to hear what is(one of) their most popular songs performed by the man who wrote it(yes kids, it’s John Denver) is too good to pass up(and personally, I like the simplicity of this version).
  • Mona Lisa:  (Another confession: I do NOT know who did this first)  Nat King Cole’s version is the one.  Tell me I’m wrong.
  • Jackson:  For all you Cash(and Hem) fans, this version from “Eveningland,” is fantastic(aside from the fact that every album from Hem is great).
  • My Funny Valentine:  NOOooooo!  Not a song Babs Streisand made famous!  Breathe…stay with me…Over the Rhine’s version is what you crave.  Find and enjoy.

Final count?  12. Like I said(on so many levels…)the short bus.

Flame on…


3 Responses to “I’m Not Above Stealing Ideas”

  1. You can take it to 13, and stick with the Kermit theme if you go with the Ethyl Meatplow cover of Close to You. I know it doesn’t belong to Kermit and Ms. Piggy, but it does, actually. Sample it here… http://www.amazon.com/gp/music/wma-pop-up/B000001A3L001006/ref=mu_sam_wma_001_006
    Heard this for the first time live when they opened for Front 242, but that’s quite another story altogether.

  2. I came *this* close to putting Being Green on my list. So happy you did.

    Are we friends yet?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m confused…….. alot

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