Last Day…Renew!!!*

The following is from my as yet to be started/finished/published book, “Quotation Marks: Motivational/Inspirational Sayings That Fail To Do Either.”

“Live each day as if it were your last.”

So wrong, on so many levels.  This “philosophical” gem has been has been as popular as the “I live life to the FULLEST!!!” statement on practically every personal ad description(a subject for another time) ever.  The difficulty arises not from the well meaning intent of the statement, but from the totally wrong point of view that it encourages.  There are obviously, the comical interpretations of mad spending, the telling off of everyone that has been holding you back/destroying your soul/whatever, and bungee jumping for the first time…and yet there is another(more sinister) pull to this commonly used quote:

It’s morbid, depressing, and misses the point that it desires to get across.  Encouraging the cramming of everything into the now without any enjoyment or awareness.  How sinful this approach to life is!  I use the word, “sinful” not in a religious sense, but to make everyone aware that it is a crime against life.  The arrogance, the greed of saturating all that one can without awareness is, a sin.

If you truly knew that this was your LAST day, that when you closed your eyes at the end you would never awaken, would you honestly waste your waning hours on folly?  This is the encouragement from the statement.

“But wait,” you say, “I take it to mean that I should embrace and enjoy all that I have right now, for it may be gone tomorrow.”

Yes, that is a better interpretation, and yet it is still depressing.  Why worry about the ending of things?  All things do and will so why focus on that?  It ruins the enjoyment, the experience of the moment.  It haunts you and lingers in the back of your mind and keeps you from being present.  From being there.

Even the terminology is depressing, “…as if it were your last.”  It enslaves you to a finite timeline.  Commanding you to cram sensory experience at the expense of true experience.  When every moment exists for you to move on to the next, why limit yourself to a possible demise?

“Well what do you suggest, ‘Live every day as if it was your first?'”

Close, but not quite…

There is no anti-(whatever), to this statement but there is an alternative, and that is for you to discover.  It’s not any kind of quote or statement, that’s true.  Maybe, just perhaps, it’s a moment:

When you take a second to close your eyes and feel the sun on your face…or pause to feel the breeze flow over you.  It could be the instant you understand that you’re connected to everything, even if it seems like there’s more than six degrees of separation between you and Kevin Bacon.

Truly, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or last day, or if you live like it is.  What is important is that you have the opportunity to live this day, and how you choose to do that is up to you.

*Bonus points to anyone who gets and comments on the pop-C significance of the title of this post.


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