This weekend, I am going to watch a film that I’ve not seen in its entirety, for fifteen years.  I’m curious to see if it holds me like it did/improves/is total crap.  A full review may be forthcoming(if it warrants it), but sometimes it can be interesting to look back at things(movies/music/whatever) that you liked(or thought you did) at the time to see if it holds up to what you are now.


2 Responses to “Revisitation…”

  1. Sure thing there, Captain Cryptic.

  2. Mas Younon Says:

    Whoa, settle down now… I just called to say what up…, then I check the blog to find you’re going to bust my balls about a movie I may or may not review upon revisitation? That’s why I know you’re my friend, Ass.

    Old age stalks you…hiding in the bush, it will find you…soon.

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