Wanna Watch a Movie?

Do to some impatience and the fact that I don’t have a date tonight the weather, I’ve upped movie night.  The selection:

“The Commitments”

Honestly, I’ve not seen this since it was in the theater and perhaps once on HBO(snippets when it was on TV but never start to finish) which is odd because I recall that I really liked it.  So last week, when I was tricked by a buy 2 get the 3rd free sale, I saw it sitting there in the rack minding its own business and I just had to have it(I know I could have rented it but that is just not how my mind functions).

What I do remember is that I greatly enjoyed the story of the formation and (I believe) implosion of this Irish soul band, I think I had a crush on one of the girls in the band, and that the soundtrack was fantastic.  And now that the popcorn is ready, I can see if I still like this tale.

117ish minutes later…

So, did it hold up?  Yes…and no.

The music (though I’m not quite qualified to talk at length on the topic) is still funtastic, and I even caught a few references I didn’t catch before.  The film also plays now like a period piece.  Released in 1991, and based on a book, it has a mid to late 80’s feel to it.  Metal and New Wave(I hope that’s the correct genre) draw some snide comments and it is certainly before Grunge and the Boy Band explosions.

I recalled the band being friendlier in the beginning, but no, they were fighting each other from the start and the “success” made it worse.  It’s still fun to watch the collapse though, like a VH1 Behind the music of a group that almost was and, “then things went terribly wrong…”

Oddly, I found myself more focused on the portrayal of the poverty and desperation portrayed in the film.  This is something I’d either forgotten or not been aware of in the past, but it added…something to the story that I can’t help but think makes it a sadder film to me(this is neither good or bad, simply different).

And the girls?  Hmmm…women of Irish decent, mixed with a bit of the crazy.  You’ve got my attention.  Throw in the Irish dialect and yep… found them all desirable in their own way.

Speaking of the dialect:  There’s just a way that the Irish pronounce the word, “fuck” that just makes me smile.  If I were to attempt a phonetic spelling I think I’d need access to the “o” with the two dots over it.  Actually all cursing in Irish is for some reason, an auditory delight to me.

“So, do you recommend it?”

Yes, but with this disclaimer:  It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  Music junkies should(and probably do) own it, and the film-goer looking for something other than the regular genre flicks should definitely give a look or two.  If however, you only go to what you’re told to see that weekend, or your DVD collection could pass as a calendar for each weeks “must own” release, you’re probably not going to like this(but I still think it might build character for you to watch it).

It should also be noted that I am in no way, shape or form a film critic.  These are simply the thoughts that spew from my opinionated mind.  Go to Ebert for professional ramblings.


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