Nothing to watch…

Writers strike got you down?  Feeling depressed because the last two finished episodes of “Chuck” were tainted with the splooge that is “Celebrity Apprentice” was crammed in between?  Me too.  But fear not, since I’ve watched an absurd amount of television in my life.  I feel properly equipped to recommend the following for your viewing consumption*:

  • Doctor Who: Seriously, even if you were never a geek into the old school series, BBC has brought it back brilliantly.  Seasons 1-3 are available on DVD for a serious punch to the wallet, but in the age of Netflicks…Billie Piper as Rose(yes) and Freema Agyeman as Martha(yes please) are great foils for The Doctor(Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant)
  • Eureka: Season one available on DVD and I’m sure a Tivo ready marathon will pop up on the Sci-Fi channel sometime.  Great concept/stories/execution.  “That can’t be good.”  Oh, but it is.
  • Rome: Missed it on the HBO?  Kevin Mckidd deserved better that “Journeyman”‘s fate.  Find it and enjoy.  Trust me.
  • Robot Chicken: If you don’t know, get it.  Your inner child/current deviant will thank me later.
  • Father Ted: Catholic Priests on an island.  Going wild is understated.
  • Coupling: The BBC original version(run far and fast from the NBC destructicon remake), and to be honest, I only recommend seasons one through three.  The main reason for this is that one of the best characters in television(Jeff Murdock, played by Richard Coyle), is absent from the fourth and last season, and even I’ll admit that the series starts to lose steam near the end of the third season, which may be why Richard decided not to return.  Nonetheless, the first two seasons are genius and the third is fun enough if for no other reason than his work and story arc.

Your entertainment seeking soul will be grateful…your credit card, not so much.

* Yeah, I’m pimping a great deal of Sci-Fi Channel and the BBC, but you know what?  Good is good.


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