Battle Royale

If you’re not aware…things finally came to a head in the Stewart/Colbert/Conan feud that seeks to both claim the rights to Mike Huckabee and fill time because of the writer’s strike.  The final throw-down/recap can be found here and it’s totally worth it.

Kudos to these three fine artists for settling their differences as men.  But I must point out that in the comments section, there were a couple of jabs to writers.  Please people, try to remember that the writers want to be working, and all of these late night hosts want their writers back.  This was not an eff you to their staff, but a great collaboration for three comedians looking for a fun way to kill a bit of air time while they wait for their team to get back to full strength.  Not to mention a nostalgic look back at the glorious days of acid washed jeans(and yes I was probably wearing them myself when I watched that episode of The Jon Stewart Show when it originally aired).


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