What Time Is It?

Spring ahead…

I’ve no love for Daylight Saving Time.  At all.  It’s a lie.  A futile attempt at control over forces of nature, logic and common effing sense.  And no, I don’t care that Ben Franklin’s wry humor inspired those who later championed the concept.  It’s stupid.

Noon is what it is.  Midday is when the sun is highest in the sky.  Not for just four months, and then it’s one in the afternoon for the other eight.  DST is nothing more than delusion and control by “civilized” countries who cause more confusion by not being able to agree when to put it into effect.

Look, I’m all for making the most of the hours when light falls on the earth, but let us be honest with each other and not impose “altered” time on humanity.  Time is bad enough as it is.  Don’t attempt to adjust reality just because you cannot fathom the idea of getting up at “four” in the morning so you can take advantage of sunlight.

It does not save energy.  It does mess with internal biological clocks(which also weakens physical and psychological resistance).  It does not help for productivity, as some estimates point to a loss of up to 31 Billion per year(unconfirmed by my lazy research, but I wouldn’t be surprised).  It does throw off natural rhythms.

If you need to do things early, then set your alarm accordingly.  I do not need legislation messing with my (fragile)concept of time just so you can do…whatever it is you do, and not feel like you’re getting up “early”.

Nothing is saved from this process, and what is lost is too precious: the natural rhythm of the world.  People in flux, attempting to shift what is real to what is being forced upon them.  There is absolutely no reason for this imposition to continue.  It is a lie that needs to stop, now. 

All it is, is control…of you.  Yeah it’s very “conspiracy” of me but it is true.  We’ve been conditioned by time and that is bad enough and yet acceptable(for now), but this forced and useless hour hopping has got to stop.

Imagine, for a moment, having to explain to a anyone not belonging to a “industrialized” country that when the sun has reached its mid point in the sky, that it is actually later than what it is, simply because you’re told so by your government.  Well, of course, you must obey the sovereign, slave, but to the “primitive” highest is highest.  You cannot convince him otherwise, and he is correct.

Changing the terminology does not change the reality.  This moment is this moment.  Let’s leave the manipulation of time to those that actually posses the ability.

Hmmm…losing that hour sure made me cranky…perhaps a nap is in order.


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