What not to wear…

There are some articles of clothing that are just flat out repellent to me.  I find them to be both useless and painful to the eye.  Even worse is when men(straight/metro-sexual/otherwise) use them in their wardrobe.  Seriously, some things look great unisex, these do not:

  • Capri pants: No, no, no.  Let me state clearly, cankle is not sexy.  Mankle(hairy or shaved) is laughable and creepy.
  • “Comfortable Footwear”: Orthopedic shoes, while not the most fashionable, are worn for a true purpose.  Ugg boots and Crocs, are simply wrong on every level.  Nothing screams, “ugly, stank foot,” more(well maybe Jellys, but that was long ago and those shoes caused the condition).  Put a dude in them and you have, no matter how manly the bloke, zero intimidation and an open season for ridicule.  Besides, men have comfortable shoes called sneakers.
  • Combining the two: Commence laughter for the next 10 to 20 minutes.  I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it.  Not a good look.

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