Look at it another way.

This ruling today is just what the doctor ordered.  Why?  Because not only did it give me a great joke/torture prank to pull on my parents, it’s going to make my previous post relevant(it’s all bout me sometimes), and I can demonstrate exactly why this needs to happen all over this country.

This is not political or religious reasoning(oxymoron), I think that marriage(if you absolutely must have it) in the best case scenario, should be religiously at best what each sect wishes to define with absolutely no legal benefits(for when it works) or ramifications(half!) from society.  I personally find no need to chain my love to binding legal documents with penalties for early withdrawal and men in funny hats damning my soul should me and my love find that our journey together is complete.  My reason for legalized gay/lesbian marriage is purely ECONOMICAL.

Our economy is not so hot right now and it needs stimulation($600 rebates aren’t going to cut it), and who knows more about stimulation than(wait for it…) the wedding industry(over-stimulated actually).  They’ve convinced so many people that the ceremony on steroids approach is the way to go that even people that can’t afford to spend tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars all for ONE DAY, and that’s just for heterosexuals.  Imagine if we opened it up to the rest of the population.  This is the growth industry we need.  The shot in the arm, the kick in the ass to get us back on top of at least the Loonie.

Catering companies; Wedding planners/Event coordinators; Singers; DJs; Bands; Churches(you know they’ll take money from anyone); strippers(ditto); restaurants; bars…EVERYONE can benefit from this, even me.  It may not be for me, but I be more than willing to help you do it.

Have you seen my resume?


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