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Does whatever…

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on May 4, 2008 by Mas Younon

Glad I didn’t get Robin…he’s a sidekick.

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

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Start early…

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on April 21, 2008 by Mas Younon

I really hope the publishers of this book include a coupon for the therapy the kid will eventually need.

File Under K…

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on April 8, 2008 by Mas Younon

…for KREEPY.

So I was checking out the “Dancing with the Stars” results show(yeah, wanna make something of it?), and what was their special trick tonight?  Child dancers.

Please, someone else tell me that there is something wrong with eight to eleven year olds danging in a suggestive manner in front of millions of people.  It’s not cute, it’s…well…I don’t know what the word is or if it exists, but  there’s got to be something to describe the JonBenet-ness of it.

Too much(time on my hands)…

Posted in Lacking Social Graces, Umm...yeah...okay... on March 18, 2008 by Mas Younon
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What not to wear…

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on March 11, 2008 by Mas Younon

There are some articles of clothing that are just flat out repellent to me.  I find them to be both useless and painful to the eye.  Even worse is when men(straight/metro-sexual/otherwise) use them in their wardrobe.  Seriously, some things look great unisex, these do not:

  • Capri pants: No, no, no.  Let me state clearly, cankle is not sexy.  Mankle(hairy or shaved) is laughable and creepy.
  • “Comfortable Footwear”: Orthopedic shoes, while not the most fashionable, are worn for a true purpose.  Ugg boots and Crocs, are simply wrong on every level.  Nothing screams, “ugly, stank foot,” more(well maybe Jellys, but that was long ago and those shoes caused the condition).  Put a dude in them and you have, no matter how manly the bloke, zero intimidation and an open season for ridicule.  Besides, men have comfortable shoes called sneakers.
  • Combining the two: Commence laughter for the next 10 to 20 minutes.  I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it.  Not a good look.

And I thought I thought about this stuff too much…

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on February 13, 2008 by Mas Younon


I found this article.

If you know me you know why I had to read it.

Cross Your Legs

Posted in Umm...yeah...okay... on January 17, 2008 by Mas Younon

So there’s this movie that will be released(tomorrow in L.A. and N.Y., later in the nation), and the concept is… well go to the official site here and draw your own horrific conclusions.

I am a sucker for this type of flick.