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So astronomers have found a huge chunk of space with nothing in it.  No stars, galaxies, black holes, dark matter…just nothing.  A void with absolutely nothing exerting any force on anything.  Now, if they can just prove that it’s the center of the universe, followers of zen will have a perfect metaphor for their teachings.

I do find it fun to imagine what it would be like to be present in the emptiness(thereby no longer making it a void, I know) to look out and simply watch everything as it goes about it’s business.  Not like a god, but as a witness to the dance of the universe.  Watching everything, yet being nothing.


I’m such a sci-fi geek, my mind swirling with possibilities of how this can be worked into stories…

Perhaps it could be a futuristic prison: with no gravity and possibly no light reaching the region, it could be a labyrinth from which the can be no escape.  Like that created by Daedalus for the Minotaur…


No, really…

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When I started this little experiment, I tried to make myself believe that I was going to post every day.  Well it’s clear that that lasted for what, maybe a month?

Well, I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to at least bring quality over quantity.


Posted in Suffering on August 21, 2007 by Mas Younon

There’s a video game in Japan that is a bit too interactive for my taste.  It’s an arm wrestling simulator that increases skill and strength as you progress through the game.  Well, that sounds nice until you learn that the final level(s) are responsible for a few broken arms.  Ahhh!  I’m competitive and all but ehmnnn…the thought of fighting a machine, for fun, that’s programed to that strength/intensity…

I’m squeemish about broken bones as it is.  Nope.  I bow out to the robot on this one.


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I’ve been searching for an adjective to describe myself or to be more precice, an aspect of my life.  Allow me to explain:

My primary means of transportation is my bicycle, and I enjoy it very much.  It gets me connected to the journey, keeps me active and to be honest, I just like to ride.  The difficulty for me is that there is no term which captures this lifestyle.  I’m not a cyclist or cycling enthusiast(which I equate with the spandex clad road warriors), nor am I involved in BMX, trail or other extreem forms of bicycling(and I’m not against or ridiculing these activities, I just don’t engage in them).  I commute.

When I tell people I ride, I watch as a wave of confusion washes over them as they run through the recreational options and the eventually get to, “You bike from place to place?  Oh…” and the the look of pity as if I’m some reject unable to secure an automobile.  Yet that is not the case, I just love to ride.

How then, to describe my utilitarian use of this mode of transport?

So far the best I’ve come up with has been to repurpose the term “Commie.”  It does seem so suit me as I’ve decided to link it to not only to the commute from a to b, but the communion with the route and the road and(to get grand) the world.  Your linked to the world more on the bike(and be careful there too, as many assume that you ride a motorcycle and are confused when they ask if it’s a Harley and you tell them you ride a Kona/Schwinn/whatever).

For now I can think of nothing better to describe this aspect of myself, and I do like taking a word linked to negativity and, at least for me, making it positive.


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One of the days I looked forward to in elementary school was RIF(Reading Is Fundamental) day.  For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful program, it is a day when children are given the opportunity to select a book of their choice(out of what has been provided/donated), and then they get to take it for free.  Oh, the glory of a new book.  The smell of the pages is amazing.  The sense of discovery and the anticipation of a new world about to unfold.  I would choose carefully, not rushing like my classmates.  Reading the backs and looking for the one that leapt up and caught my imagination.

Yes, it’s true that RIF is responsable for what I refer to as my Barnes and Nobel “habit,” but it aslo brought me some early freinds, adventures and role models.  Most memorable(at least today), was Encyclopedia Brown.  What a great character, Sherlock Holmes in prepubecent form.  Who better to capture the mind of a young knowledge seeker whose physical abilities were not as great as the imagination trapped inside.  He made it (dare I say) cool to be smart(at least for me), using his mind to solve the problem.

It’s been an age or two since I last revisited his world, and I’ve since learned that brain and brawn are needed cooperatively for optimum efficency.  His presence for a young smallfry/egghead however, to learn that knowledge is a great tool, in my mind was definately, FUNdamental(oh, I know it’s a bad pun, but it is true).

One of those days

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Not bad.  Well, bad for some.  Today was a bit surreal.  Things happening, swirling around me.  They had nothing to do with me, yet played out in front of me like a reverse theater in the round where I was at the center and the action explodes all around me.

I’ve had these day before, though not often, and they always place me in a state of confusion.  Again, the events had nothing to do with me and my activities and I did no mediation, but the drama was all encompassing.

No insights gained as of yet, but these rare days at least remind me that there are other stories in the world as well as my own, and it’s okay to let a chapter or two go out without my presence.


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I have not explored enough of this world in reality.  I’ve read and looked up and absorbed facts here and there, but I have not physically interacted with most of the places I’ve visited in my mind.

“I want to see mountains, Gandolf.”

To be fair, I’ve seen mountains(not lately, and I do miss them) but I’m speaking of other mountains in other places with other cultures.  Other plains and valleys and rivers and islands.  The siren call in the back of my skull is strong.

I fight with the logic of how, and who is to pay for these expeditions.  I use this to keep me where I am but I hope that soon I can ignore this logic/fear and simply set off on a journey of exploration.